I just watched TZP 2nd time… its a wonderful movie and it probably has changed the way I look at children, or probably differently-abled children. I was just wondering why we call them “people with disabilities(pwd)”, when they are not actually disabled..they are just differently abled.  You would see that a Visually Impaired person has a very strong sense of understanding of the environment around them; and I always wonder how.  You would see that a hearing impaired can lip-read very fast. Sometimes you definitely need to train them; but they pick up these arts much faster than a normal abled person.

TZP is no doubt a wonderful movie. The credit surely goes to the writer Amol Gupte(I actually had the curiosity to google the writer; I am the last person I know who would write a movie review or find out details of a movie), Aamir Khan and the other actors and the unit behind the movie. Its afterall not a one-man game to come up with something like this. However, I had slightly different take on the ending of the movie. Would Ishaan’s parents still be so happy in the end if their son would not have fared well in the exams, if his progress report was still not as good as they show. I understand that one aspect that TZP team wanted to highlight was that if given proper attention and training, differently-abled people can also gel into the mainstream and be as successful as anyone else… that every child has a special talent that needs to be identified and nurtured. But he ends up making Ishaan a mainstream child. My question is: If Ishaan would have been a wonderful painter but still not good at studies, would an Indian parent still be as happy as Ishaan’s parents in the movie? I have no answer…

Movie has some wonderful music as well. My favorite is ‘Maa’. The lyrics, music, picturisation; everything is just perfect.

I would surely rate TZP as one of the BEST movies I have seen till date. Hats off to the team!!