I was introduced to plays by my husband. When we were just friends and used to chat, often he would mention that he was going for one and I used to be amazed with his enthusiasm to watch plays. He would have had a hectic day but a good play in town was never to be missed. And thats the only place where I have seen him switching off his cell phone (other than in flights ofcourse) ;). Once he even flew from Hyd to Mumbai just to watch a play!!

Though we had a very active theater group at college for English/Hindi and Bengali, I must confess I had never seen a play before. I somehow don’t have much inclination towards cultural activities.

Ravi was hoping for a good play in town when I came to Mumbai first. Fortunately for me, Naseeruddin Shah’s play “Katha Collage” was in Prithvi. I was so excited when I went to Prithvi. It happened to be one of the days when they have an open forum where anyone can go and perform in front of the audience at the Prithvi Cafe. The energy was contagious and since then, I have been a regular at plays (Ravi could count only 70 plays he has seen in the last 10 yrs while I have already seen 25 in 1 year in Mumbai:D Ofcourse he has seen a number of plays twice and some even thrice 🙂

The experience of watching a play is unique. The amount of effort that goes into a live performance is tremendous and the actors pull you into the play. Sometimes its just entertainment, but at times the plays are also thought-provoking, picking up social issues and sometimes they also touch on topics like friendships, values etc which are there in our unconscious mind and we take them for granted.

If I am asked whats the best play I have seen till date, its “Class of 84” by the “Rage” group. There have been lots of other excellent plays I have seen – Hamlet the clown prince, Joke, Proof, Art, Poha Gone Wrong, Taj Mahal ka Tender, One on One, Kuch bhi ho sakta hai to name some of them. We even went for a kids play called “Fantasia Fantastique” once 🙂

One should watch a play to appreciate it. But get some advice on the first play you see. It makes a lot of difference and it could make or break your heart towards watching more plays 🙂

And last but not the least, thank you Prithvi Theater, NCPA and various performing artists and groups for the lively theater scene in Mumbai.